Writing .d81 images with IDE64

Writing .d81 images with IDE64

For the past days I have tried to successfully write some .d81 images to a 1581 drive, trying several different tools.
Since I don’t have a parallel port on my PC, I can’t use X1541 or any equivalent cable. And because I’m running Windows 7 64-bit I had no luck using a XU-1541 cable which supports USB, but it did not work on my 64-bit machine.


So, I was left with trying to write images directly to the 1581 with only the help of my C64 and IDE64. CBM-Command 2.0 looked very promising but when trying to write an image (.d81 or .d64) from the CF card of IDE64, it kept saying that it was not a valid image. (Edit 2011-02-27: The reason is because CBM-Command verifies the image integrity by checking the file size, and apparently IDEDOS calculates file sizes differently.) I moved to .d64 image to the 1581 and managed to write it correctly to my 1541 drive. So it appears that IDE64 isn’t fully supported :(.

I had looked at a few plugins for the IDEDOS file manager but must have over looked a plugin called ID81 writer (in ID64 v0.6) which did exactly what I was looking for. After having updated the man.usr (configuration file for the file manager), a simply tap on ‘4’ brought  up the plugin and after choosing the drive number, it wrote the image just fine :).

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